Company Mission Statement

Lakewood Ranch Lawn & Landscape, LLC provides it’s customers with Lawn & Landscape care that un-rivals it’s competition. Every employee is expected to carry the mission statement presented in the company logo:  


It’s these bullet point words positioned over a beautiful Oak tree atop the company name that we expect at each customers property.


Position Summary

Supervisor Job Description-3 Years experience and 3 references required

Supervisor/lawn maintenance technician

Responsibilities include:

  • Clean Florida drivers license
  • Ability to drive truck and trailer
  • Crew management and direction, quality control, safety, proper uniform & supervision
  • Communicate with customer if present and requesting a particular task form our company and following through to completion
  • Perform all duties related to lawn maintenance
  • Ensure the safety of crew members and alert of any OSHA concerns
  • Ensure that tools are not left behind at jobs or stolen
  • Ensure that tools are not abused by other crew members
  • Enter arrival and departure times at properties on the company provided Android tablet
  • Read “Max Time” per property and  perform most important tasks at the property to conform within this max allowed time per property
  • Read special notes provided by owner and perform these tasks
  • Clock employees in and out for start of day, end of day and breaks
  • Take all required pictures for Task Easy jobs then click finish
  • Alert the owner of any potential leads for new customers and to provide the potential lead a company business card located in the glove compartment.
  • Notify owner when business cards run low
  • Alert owner of any tool malfunctions or needed repairs to equipment or truck or trailer the same day this malfunction is discovered
  •  End of day: park vehicle in proper parking location, verify the tablet and iPhone are present,  lock vehicle and trailer doors, lock keys inside truck.

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Crew Member-1 Year experience necessary and 2 references required

Lawn technician

Responsibilities include:

  • Arrive 10 minutes before start of day and be ready at truck side at 8am to clock in start of day
  • Follow supervisors instructions
  • Perform all duties related to lawn maintenance
  • Direct all customer requests to the supervisor or owner
  • Take care of company’s truck and tools
  • Alert supervisor of any safety OSHA hazards
  • Alert supervisor of any tool malfunctions
  • Maintain quality throughout all performed tasks

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Irrigation/Landscape installer-3 years experience-3 references required

Responsibilities include:

Clean Florida drivers license

Ability to drive truck and trailer

Knowledge of Irrigation systems to include:

  • Valve location and repair
  • Sprinkler head replacement and adjustment
  • PVC knowledge-Gluing PVC Pipes and fittings- identifying proper fittings
  • Digging trenches
  • Operating various common Irrigation clock
  • Testing systems quickly

Knowledge of Landscaping installation to include:

  • Demolition of existing landscape without damaging surrounding structures, lights, etc.
  • Following plans to install new plants and trees
  • Knowledge of low voltage lighting systems and installation

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