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No Contract Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lakewood Ranch LandscapingWe rise above the competition by servicing your home or business’s lawn and landscape 50 weeks of the year not 30-40 weeks like our competition and with No “Year long” contract.

Lakewood Ranch Lawn & Landscape, LLC. believes that our Professionalism, Quality, Integrity, and Service are yours and our contract.

During the “Rainy Season” we maintain the lawn, flower beds, hedges, to a meticulous level that is unrivaled by our competition.

During the “Dry Season” when the lawn has gone dormant there is still plenty to do. It’s this time of year we focus on fertilization, flower bed deep cleaning, palm tree care, mulching, etc. Remember Lakewood Ranch Lawn & Landscape, LLC.  comes 50 weeks of the year to maintain a beautiful landscape.

Lawn Maintenance

Lakewood Ranch Lawn & Landscape, LLC.  uses State of the art Lightweight Wrights Stander Zero Turn mowers designed for exceptional cut quality, reduction in Rutting or tracks in the lawn and clipping dispersal thus providing the perfect thatch for a healthy lawn.

With its 1.5” to 5.5” Cutting Height adjustment this mower will cut Empire Zosia and Bermuda to a beautiful golf course appearance and with it’s up to 5” Cutting height will cut St. Augustine and Bahia grass to a long and thick lush appearance.

Lawn Care, Fertilization and Mulching

Lawn Care and Fertilization Lakewood Ranch FLLakewood Ranch Lawn & Landscape, LLC.  offers a complete one stop shop program that keeps your lawn and landscape areas beautiful all year long without you having to worry about schedules or time tables.

Hedge and Flower Bed Care

Hedge and Flower Bed Care Sarasota FLWe take great care and pride in making your hedges perfectly trimmed and flower beds as weed free as possible all year long. Our technicians are trained to take their time while trimming your hedges and bushes. This is where our competition falls short.

The proper method of trimming hedges utilizes a slow and angled approach while riding just above the branches to achieve a perfect trim job. We also take great care to make sure weeds stay out of your flower beds. We use a commercial strength product at the proper ratio to kill those unwanted weeds all year long. A standard feature for flower bed care is maintaining a proper edge where the lawn meets the flower bed.

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